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TTAE general information

Teacher Training Across Europe
LLP Grundtvig project  
October 2007 - August 2009
completed by partners from Spain, Poland and Greece


Teacher Training Across Europe was a two-year educational project carried out from October 2007 to August 2009 within the framework of LLP Grundtvig programme by partners from Spain, Poland and Greece:

• Centro del Profesorado de Ronda – an Andalusian teacher training centre, the coordinating institution, 
• MSCDN Siedlce – Mazovian In-Service Teacher Training Centre Siedlce Department,
• Sholio Defteris Efkerias Komotinis - a school for adults in Thrace, Greece. 

The aim of this partnership was to improve the quality of teacher training through a comparative study of European institutions working in the field of education. An important element of the project was an adaptation of the educational offer to the new social challenges, such as immigration, multiculturalism and gender equality. 

The project adds to development of teachers' knowledge of the systems implemented by the various partners, the improvement of working methods and promotion of intercultural dialogue. 

To achieve the project’s aims and objectives the partners met virtually and in real. The place for virtual collaboration was a Moodle platform, administered by the coordinating institutionwww.cepronda.org/moodle . It was an archive, a library, an information centre, a seminar room and a café at the same time. Since the beginning of the project the news and discussion forums were used, as well as the project documents and materials, photos, videos and links to Internet sites relevant to the project were displayed and stored on the Moodle platform. The photos and films were uploaded on You Tube and Picasa. Some project documents were created jointly with wiki. 

There were six international meetings of the partners, two in each partner country. 
During the visits the seminars devoted to the specific topics were held: 

• November 2007 Ronda – presentation of the partners’ institutions; checking and re-defining the project’s objectives, 
• April 2008 Siedlce – systems of diagnosing teachers' needs,
• June 2008 Komotini - European priorities: interculturalism and gender equality in the educational offer, 
• September 2008 Ronda - the structure and the management of the educational offer, 
• April 2009 Komotini – the gaps in all the studied systems and the aspects open to improvement, 
• June 2009 Siedlce – a conference summing up the project.
The visits were open not only to the employees of the partner institutions, but also to the school headmasters, teachers and representatives of local governments. Altogether 55 mobilities were executed. Each institution received 18 000 € to carry out the project.